WURTH flat blade fuse holder - Allows easy installation without cutting, splicing or soldering

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With the ever increasing amount of vehicles manufactured with the CAN BUS wiring system it is becoming increasingly difficult to locate a quick power source without cutting, splicing and soldering. As it simply turns one 25 amp fuse slot into two individual fused circuits with the 2nd fused up to 10 amps

This little component overcomes this issue and has the added advantage of a built in fuse holder therefore is ideal for installing additional accessories such as auxiliary lights, water pumps, phone kits, reverse cameras, TV's, games consoles, accessory sockets, USB sockets, driving recorders, trackers etc. 

Installation is easy and hassle free:
  1. Simply remove an existing fuse from the fuse box, insert that fuse in to the bottom slot of the fuse holder
  2. Insert a suitable sized fuse for the new accessory in to the top slot
  3. Crimp your new live wire to the blue inline terminal on the fuse holder
  4. Just earth your accessory you have fitted and insert the fuse holder into the fuse box slot where the fuse originally was
  5. Bingo your job is done all you need to do now is tidy up any mess and tell your partner the job really hard, and they can make you a cup of tea as a reward.

Please note: Fuses are NOT included and are for illustration purpose only