Instructions and Video Tutorials

  • Control panel user guide

  • Heating:

  • Refrigeration:

  • 12V Electrical:

    • Overview of the campervan's 12-volt electrical system
    • Explanation of battery usage and monitoring
    • How to use 12V outlets and USB ports for charging devices
    • Leisure Batteries in Storage or if Only Being Used as a Travelling Vehicle:
      • When your leisure vehicle is in storage or used solely as a car, it's essential to switch the onboard leisure battery off. This action ensures that unnecessary drain on the panel's power is minimized. After storage, when switching the leisure battery back on, please be aware that power to the panel will be restored, but the time will reset to 00:00. You'll need to manually set the correct time and water levels
      • Additional Tips: Accessories such as solar panels can be invaluable in keeping your battery topped up, especially during the winter months, provided the panel has access to direct sunlight.
      • Important Note: Even when a battery is disconnected, it will still experience some discharge over time. Thus, it's advisable to recharge it every month to maintain its health and longevity
By adhering to these storage guidelines, you can ensure that your leisure vehicle and its components remain in optimal condition, ready for your next adventure.