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Stargaze Pop up Elevating Roof Rack System

Stargaze Pop up Elevating Roof Rack System

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Enhance your Stargaze pop top elevating roof by fitting one of our factory finish roof rail kits to your Campervan.

This is a brilliant addition leaves the rails in place all the time and only fit the crossbars when you need them, giving you the ability to carry your surfboard, Kayak or just the windbreaks.

The cross bars can be positioned at several positions over the 189cm rails depending on the length of the load you are carrying. The cross bars can be easily removed if not needed and stored away. The cross bars can be locked in place when in use to give extra security. The distance between the centre of the roof rails when installed is 1100mm.

One advantage of these roof rails is if you have a garage door that is close to the height of your campervan they can protect the paintwork on your pop top elevating roof from damage. To fix the rails after we quote the famous words of The Rolling Stones "Paint it, Black"

We recommend a carry weight of 20 - 30kg but just use your common sense as big square thing create more wind resistance when travelling, and smaller aerodynamic heavier things create less.

Also, remember to remove heavy objects before you open the roof.


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