Raising Roof Bed - sleeps up to 2 adults / 3 children

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Even if you haven't got any extra folk to sleep in the van with you. people don't believe how much noise is cut out from outside by having it down.

This folds up and out of the way when using the inside of the camper.  the unique hinging mechanism allows daytime storage over the cab, but when nighttime comes just pull it down for extra sleeping.

  • The mattress is made from XPE Closed Cell Foam technology - Which offers excellent Heat Insulation for 4 seasonal sleeping
  • Totally waterproof this stops the nightmare that spilt drinks can create, as no one wants to sleep in a wet bed. More importantly, you wouldn't want anything dripping on you in the middle of the night either.
  • Lightweight and Practical - This mattress has a dual purpose as it is great for using outside for picnics too.
  • The bed measures
    • Renault Trafic 119cm / 3'11" wide 186cm 6' long great for 2  adults or a gang of children