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'Shelsley' Solo or Duo Camper Van Conversion for the Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Trafic, Nissan NV300 & Fiat Talento

'Shelsley' Solo or Duo Camper Van Conversion for the Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Trafic, Nissan NV300 & Fiat Talento

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So what's included in the 2023 'Shelsley' camper conversion?

Pop Top / Elevating Roof 

This will be fitted with Stargaze Pop Top roof, they come with fully opening canvas which allows you to be open to the sun and fresh air should you want to; has a transparent window and two vented screens (so you have fresh air and sun without insects flying in!).

    Kitchen Cupboard / Wardrobe

    • Consists of a curved worktop with plenty of storage underneath, and no unsightly and impractical water and waste containers in sight.
    • Access to the cupboard from the outside with a unique lifting door that turns into an outside table to create an outdoor living area. 
    • The wardrobe can be accessed once the bed is down and also from a door in the rear of the cupboard which can be accessed through the tailgate/rear doors.
    • A table which stores neatly on the inside of the passenger sliding door and with the nifty spider leg conical it can be used anywhere you like, inside or out. 
    • Shelsley solo includes a portable toilet stored in a unit by the side of the single bed. At night you can simply move the toilet inside the van, still allowing you to use the surface of the unit for drinks and other bits and pieces. 
    • All finishes to the colourway of your choice.

    Cooker / Fridge / Sink

    • A single burner gas hob, and a bespoke integrated sink worktop.
    • A compressor fridge

    The Water, Gas, 12 & 240 Volt

    • Low energy LED halo lights for reading and in the kitchen which are dimmable 
    • 110Ah Leisure Battery connected to a 3000W - 12V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter/Charger to power everything in the camper habitation area
    • 7" display control unit for easy management of habitation electrics and Water/battery levels.
    • 5kw 240v/LPG underslung heating system to keep you toasty at night 
    • External BBQ Point by the outside living table
    • The Bed incorporates a metal-enclosed Campingaz 907 gas bottle locker this was tested to M1 Standards for total peace of mind and safety.
    • Sink with fitted electric pumped cold water tap
    • 30-litre water system and water level monitor. This is positioned in the spare wheel carrier and tyre protector is put in all wheels to gain a 5% discount with most insurance companies. Never have a puncture on the side of the road again. See Here By deleting the spare wheel, jack, and wrench from your newly created CCCAMPER you have a higher payload capacity.  It's a win-win situation. 

    Bed and Seating area

    • Passenger swivel seat all seats reupholstered to the colourway of your choice.
    • Under seat Umbrella holder is a neat little stow away and space saver.
    • The front passenger swivelling seat takes you from a comfortable travelling position to a relaxing dining and table set up with one easy spin. 
    • The 'Bliss' bed/seat is fully upholstered with incorporated memory foam for a luxurious nights sleep.
      • The Duo is ideal for couples but also allows the option to go on adventures with up to 2 small children by adding the optional 4' 6" roof bed.
      • The solo option is best suited for a single traveller as provides more options and floor space and the ability to utilise the toilet inside the camper car.

    The overall camper car finish

    • This includes:-
      • All additional windows needed to be added with a driver-side access panel.
      • Camper car graphics to complete the Shelsley exterior.
      • The interior will be soundproofed and insulated.
      • Fully lined with a new floor to the colourway of your choice, please click below the 'Shelsley' upgrades button to get creative. 
      • Tyre protector anti-puncture is added to all 4 tyres, this tends to attract insurance discount

      Want to make your conversion have a little more comfort and style, then Click Here for options.

      CCCAMPERS Zero Labour Cost Lifetime Warranty:
      • Enjoy peace of mind with our Zero Labour Cost Lifetime Warranty, covering all components and workmanship installed by CCCAMPERS.
      • To maintain warranty eligibility, complete the free initial 12-week service and subsequent annual habitations and winterizing services at the CCCAMPERS Workshop with our qualified technicians.
      • Covered items include the fridge, hob/sink, grill, oven, electrical system, power management system, diesel heater, bed, interior fixtures, gas safety components, water system components, roof shell, elevating bed, swivel seat mechanism, and more.
      • The chargeable habitation check prioritises safety and usability, encompassing 12v electrics, ventilation, fire safety, mains electrics, water system, gas system, and bed/roof system.
      • Our warranty is subject to a fair wear and tear policy, with exclusions for user error or accidental damage.
      • Care and maintenance requirements are outlined, emphasizing special care with moving parts, avoiding excessive force, and using heatproof mats for hot items.
      • Note that for business and commercial use, especially for hire purposes, please contact us first.
      CCCAMPERS Conversion Warranty:
      • Coverage is subject to maintenance conditions; excessive force or heat may void coverage.
      • Exclusions include leisure batteries, vehicle batteries, upholstery, roof canvas and general wear and tear, graphics, glass, framework, and 240v integrated heating.
      • Fridges & any extra fitted accessories are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
      Paintwork Warranty:
      • Stargaze roof color coding has a 12-month warranty.
      • Paintwork damage caused by external influences or accidental damage is not covered.
      • For warranty-related queries, contact CCCAMPERS at 0333 456 3345.
      "Effective communication is essential for a successful camper conversion with us. Keeping CCCAMPERS informed about any upgrades, modifications, or prior damage to the van enables us to take a collaborative and informed approach. This ensures that your camper not only meets but exceeds your expectations, operating seamlessly with the specific modifications and upgrades you have already installed. If there are any components you wish to retain from your van that we would otherwise remove during the CCCAMPERS conversion, please remove them prior to dropping off the van. This may include items such as the spare wheel, jacking tool kit, bulkhead, old ply lining, etc. Your input is crucial in creating a camper that truly aligns with your preferences and requirements."

      All converted vans will be cleaned inside and out to a good workshop standard. But why not have the Showroom Experience Click Here

      If you wish to keep anything that we remove from your van please let us know at the time of ordering.

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