Renault Trafic or Vauxhall Vivaro Battery to Battery Split Charger Charging Energy Combiner Kit

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What is split charging?

With the ever-increasing amount of vehicles manufactured with intelligent alternators and CAN BUS wiring systems, it is becoming increasingly difficult to fit split charging without cutting, splicing and soldering it onto these very hi-tech vans.

with this split charge kit for 2015 on Renault Trafic, Nissan NV300, Fiat Talento etc. They are relatively simple to fit and reliable, with no soul-crushing mistakes to the CAN-BUS system.

Easy to install comes with diagrams for fitting, some specialist tools are needed

What is split charging?

Split charging is the term used to describe the simultaneous charging of the vehicle starter battery and the leisure battery (or batteries) from a common charging source. Modern split charge systems typically have a device that connects the starter and leisure batteries only when a charging source is operating, and electrically isolates them otherwise, ensuring that the use of one battery does not draw current from the other. It is important to ensure that the starter battery is isolated so the engine can always be started, but you also don't want the leisure battery to be accidentally drawn upon when starting the engine because dedicated leisure batteries are not designed for high current output over short periods of time and can be damaged.