Get lost with CCCAMPERS this year
Get lost with CCCAMPERS this year
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Quasar Black Slip-Resistant Safety Vinyl Flooring Campervan Manufactured In The Uk - Carpet Lining
Quasar Black Slip-Resistant Safety Vinyl Flooring Campervan Manufactured In The Uk - Carpet Lining

Quasar Black slip-resistant safety Vinyl Flooring Campervan Manufactured in the UK

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This Quasar Black flooring is a hard wearing and is also slip-resistant. It is a dense and impermeable PVC safety floor with an EasyClean surface. Contains bacteriostat for lasting hygiene and a permanent anti-bacterial performance.

Width: 2m wide roll

Thickness: 2mm

Roll length: Per 0.5M cut length up to 30m

  • Slip-resistant heavy duty floorcoverings with Safety Clean PUR reinforcement.
  • Heterogeneous floorcovering
  • R10 slip resistance
  • Safety Clean PUR reinforced surface for easy maintenance
  • Flexible and easy to install
  • Sustainable slip resistance throughout the products life.

    Ideal for use in Van lining projects - Motorhomes, Campervans, Trucks, Boats and more!

    Trim fix spray adhesive is what CCCAMPERS has used for affixing this product for many years.

    1. Prepare the subfloor as necessary and remove all trace of debris.
    2. Cut off the lengths of the material 10cm longer than the net size measured.
    3. lay your flooring down the length of the van with the one end lapped up the front seats, and the other hanging out the back door/doors of the van. Cut down the one side using utility knives with straight and hook blades removing the scrap material and place into position.
    4. Place the flooring tightly against the wall and glue front half down the length of the van
    5. Carefully pull the flooring back half and re-sweep the back of the Safetred and the subfloor to ensure that no debris is present that may visually impair the installation and cause premature wear.
    6. We Recommend Trim Fix spray adhesive, which will provide a simpler installation procedure. Then immediately rolled with a roller, which will remove all air bubbles and give better adhesion. 
    7. Repeat procedure for second half of the sheets as soon as the first half has been adhered.
    8. Repeat rolling after 15 minutes to fully bonded to the subfloor, paying close attention to the sides and ends. 

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