Propex Heatsource Underslung LPG Vapour Tank including BBQ point Fitted in a CCCAMPERS Camper

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We like to think the Propex blown air heaters provide a valuable ‘must have‘accessory to accompany you on every camping expedition, offering the ability to keep warm and comfortable and extending your enjoyment whilst providing good value, reliability and efficiency.

When compared to diesel heater alternatives, Propex heaters use less power from the 12v supply, cost less, are clean burning and have no consumable parts that call for a regular service.

To support customers further, and make life even easier and more convenient, we are now offering a workshop based service to fit under-slung LPG vapour take off tanks to vehicles and so further enhancing the ownership of your Propex heater. with a quick release point to allow easy connection of your gas BBQ so taking full advantage of your cheap plentiful gas supply.

Fitted to the tank valve is an electronic solenoid and gas level gauge. both of these are remotely controlled from inside the vehicle allowing easy isolation of the gas back at the tank, something that is required when travelling in the Eurotunnel but also an excellent safety feature for general use, all done without having to scrabble around on your hands and knees under the vehicle.

The inbuilt level gauge will show you how much gas is left in your tank and with its inbuilt battery power saving feature means drain on your battery is kept to an absolute minimum (<100mA@3V after 2 seconds activation) Selectable LED intensity and inbuilt fault diagnostics are also a feature of the unique and revolutionary Gastore control marking a massive step forward in the safety and convenience of underslung LPG storage. it also comes with a quick release point to allow easy connection of your gas BBQ so taking full advantage of your cheap plentiful gas supply.


15 litre tank – @80% fill holds 12 litres or 6kg of gas

Total Weight 14kg (dry)

Gas pressure test point on regulator

Getting rid of on-board Butane or Propane bottles have some very clear advantages including:

  • giving you a BBQ point
  • Significantly reduced cost of the Gas
  • Save valuable internal space – you can now pack more kit for your trip
  • Quick and easy fill ups on many petrol station forecourts
  • On board level indicator – no need to carry a spare bottle
  • No more freezing Butane – LPG goes to -42*C – enjoy those winter trips out
  • Reduced gas dropout holes required, so less holes in your van
  • Safer – reduced gas runs and connections inside vehicle
  • Installed inline with UKLPG CoP11 and NCC CoP306 regulations