Pop Top Elevating Roof Annual Service

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  • Barrier check – any seals around canvas, front compensater and solar panels (if fitted) should be checked for cracks or holes that could allow water to enter and cause damage.
  • Cleaning – after each years expedition clean the interior and exterior of your pop top thoroughly. We will also check your mattresses regularly for sign of moisture retention at this point.
  • Take care of the fabric – if it is not one of our roofs that we are servicing,  the fabric components on the pop-top are extremely susceptible to mould and mildew, so we would clean this material with a good quality cleaner, and reseal with a canvas quality treatment. ***
  • Struts/moving componentry – clean and check that the struts of the pop-top are opening easily and are free of rust and corrosion. This regular cleaning of all moving parts will remove dust and grime to ensure the struts work. If you have gas struts and they are becoming difficult to open, you may need them replaced. We preferable to replace all struts at the same time if necessary. ***

*** extra cost we be added with prior agreement.

We do all Pop Top Elevating Roof Annual Servicing in November to double up with the winterising service to save you time and cost.