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NISSAN NV200 rear door bike rack carrier

NISSAN NV200 rear door bike rack carrier

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Rear Door Type
Fiamma Cargo Rear Bike Rack Storage Bag

This bike carrier is specifically designed for the CCCAMPERS Clee NISSAN NV200. It allows you to open the rear doors and access your belongings without removing the bikes from your camper. The system is simple to use and can hold two bikes. We mount these racks above the rear number plate lights to ensure visibility for those behind you. 


  • Easy Position: Improve the ease of carrying multiple bikes by offsetting the rails on your Fiamma Carry-Bike. All rails are mechanically fixed with rust-free stainless steel screws to prevent movement.
  • Quick Lock: Comes standard with Quick-Safe safety straps to securely mount and lock the wheels on the bike carrier rail.
  • Rack Holder: Each wall-mounted Carry-Bike includes the Rack Holder blocking system for added security when not carrying any bikes.
  • Bike-Block Pro: Include the Bike-Block Pro, a fixing kit for bicycles.

Supplied as standard with:

  • 1x fitted bike rack for 2 bikes
  • 1x Bike-Block Pro 1 and 2 (Carry-Bike frame to bicycle holder)
  • 1x Rack Holder (secures the bike support when folded away)
  • 1x Security Strip (buckled strap)

This setup is supplied as standard to carry two bikes.


  • Max. Load: 35 Kg
  • Weight: 9 Kg
  • Bikes carried as standard: 2 bikes
  • Max. bikes carried: 2 bikes
  • Frame construction: Anodised aluminium

When fitted to a tailgate (not a barn door) NV200, it requires 2 x extra boost tailgate struts to be fitted. this is the reason for the extra cost on the tailgate models

The CCCAMPERS Clee NV200 Carry-Bike is only designed to carry two bikes as standard.

We are now offering the optional Fiamma Cargo Rear Storage Bag. This durable soft luggage bag, made of waterproof and tear-proof polyester, adds 285 litres of storage capacity for your camping gear, chairs, and sports accessories. With transparent pockets for easy access, a perimeter zip, and a quick-install attachment system, it's the perfect solution for hassle-free adventures.


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