Annual Habitation Service

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What happens at your CCCAMPERS habitation check?

A habitation check will ensure that you can just jump in your camper and set off for carefree adventures for another year.

Find out as we walk you through the process, and show how vital it is for your ’van's health and safety Check what is (and what is not) going to be examined. Use PDF link for a copy of the report.

When you buy a CCCamper, we see it as our job to help you maintain it and keep it in tip-top condition. Nobody knows a CCCamper better than we do.  It is a fact, early detection of any fault discovered would be far less dangerous – not to mention the rectification cost than if it had been left!– particularly safety-critical features such as mains-electric problems or a gas leak – is beneficial to both parties.

Please empty your camper of any belongings.

(This stops us from having to empty your camper before we can start. So we can not be responsible for any damage of personal items)

Please charge your leisure battery on mains hook up for 48 hours before you bring it to us. 

(This is something we do above and beyond other dealers that only do a resting voltage test. We test your leisure battery on our deep cycle tester. Then full discharge test will give your battery/ies efficiency. This accurate 5 hour test on a fully charged battery will check its true performance.)

We are so confident in the quality of our product that we even provide our Part only, no labour charge warranty* should any replacement parts be required after our habitat warranty has expired. 

Your service reports must be kept with vehicles to prove the service history at trade-in time… But more importantly, another 12 months of worry-free adventures..... 

* This would obviously require you to have all service reports of the habitation and winterising service schedules annually from the original purchase.


Other make of NCC Motorcaravans 

We are happy to perform habitations on non-cccampers conversions, however the part only, no labour charge warranty does not apply to non cccampers manufactured vehicles. 

Please remember that your motorcaravan may not need the parts we stock and therefore if we are able to order the parts required and fix the issue, this may need to be booked in to have the parts fitted at a later date. 

Parts needed will be quoted and charged along with estimated labour fees.