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5.1 Install a metal Gas Locker to fulfil the requirements of BS EN 1949:2002

5.1 Install a metal Gas Locker to fulfil the requirements of BS EN 1949:2002

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Metal Gas Locker Type

Fitting a gas locker in a camper van conversion is crucial for several reasons, primarily revolving around safety:

  1. Legal Compliance: Gas safety regulations in the UK and Europe require specific measures to be taken when storing and using gas cylinders in vehicles. Gas lockers that meet BS EN1949 standards ensure compliance with these regulations.

  2. Risk Reduction: Gas lockers are designed to reduce the risk of accidents and personal injury associated with gas usage in confined spaces. By containing gas cylinders within a secure locker, the likelihood of leaks and subsequent hazards such as fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and gas leakage is significantly reduced.

  3. Containment and Ventilation: Gas lockers are constructed to contain any leaks that may occur from the cylinder or connections. Additionally, they feature ventilation systems to safely vent any leaked gas out of the vehicle, preventing it from accumulating in the living space and posing a danger to occupants.

  4. Preventing Gas Leaks: The most common cause of gas leaks in camper vans is typically due to issues with the gas bottle or its connections. A properly installed gas locker provides a secure enclosure for the cylinder, minimizing the risk of damage and leaks.

  5. Essential Feature: Gas lockers are considered an essential feature of camper van conversions, not only for safety reasons but also for regulatory compliance. They are a fundamental component of the gas system in leisure vehicles and are necessary for passing habitation reports and ensuring the safety of occupants.

Please note that the price quoted is for installing a metal gas locker and a gas soundness test only. Additional costs may be incurred for any other components required, or if modifications to the layout are necessary.

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