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'Mamble' Camper van Conversion for the Renault Trafic, Nissan NV300 & Fiat Talento

'Mamble' Camper van Conversion for the Renault Trafic, Nissan NV300 & Fiat Talento

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So what's included in the 2023 'Mamble' conversion?

Pop Top / Elevating Roof

Your Mamble Camper van conversion will be fitted with Stargaze Pop Top roof, they come with fully opening canvas which allows you to be open to the sun and fresh air should you want to; it has a transparent window and two vented screens (so you have fresh air and sun without insects flying into your Camper!)
  • optional extras that can be fitted to your camper can: 

    • solar panel
    • roof rack
    • colour coded to match the van 
    • canvas colour option

This will be fitted rear opening as standard. This ensures maximum safety while your camper is on the move and protection from the roof opening dangerously when travelling.

Kitchen Cupboard, Wardrobe & Toilet in your Mamble Camper Van

  • Consists of a galley kitchen with well thought out storage underneath this includes a cutlery drawer, storage pockets above the worktop, and a wardrobe at the rear of your camper to put your regularly used items in for easy access.
  • On the opposite side built-in slide-out Cassette toilet system and a high-level fridge. 
  • Fixed travelling table. The table is movable in side and outside plus easily tucked away when not in use.
  • A choice of 6 stylish interior design options:   

Cooker / Fridge / Sink

  • Glass worktop double burner hob, and sink with hot + cold tap.
  • 50 Ltr 12-volt Compressor fridge, giving plenty of use between battery charging (via the fitted onboard split charge system).
Optional upgrades are:
      • LPG mini grill/ oven microwave

Bed and Seating

  • Passenger single or double swivel plate fitted so that you can create an L shaped socialising and dining experience.
  • 6' side seating that pulls out to create a double bed, with lots of storage underneath.

The Water, Gas, 12 & 240 Volt

  • The 12v system is connected to a split charger with a heavy-duty leisure battery running all your lighting, freshwater, fridge, USB sockets, and anything else 12V inside this conversion. 
  • Dimmable runway light system and a touch strip light over the cooker and sink. Plus one USB charging flexible light for bedtime.
  • Onboard 240v and LPG hot water with an additional shower point
  • 30-litre water system and water level monitor. This positioned in the spare wheel carrier and tyre protector is put in all wheels to gain a 5% discount with most insurance companies. Never have a puncture on the side of the road again. See Here By deleting the spare wheel, jack, and wrench from your newly created CCCAMPER you have a higher payload capacity.  It's a win-win situation. 
  • RCD Trip switched protected 240-volt electric hookup system with a single socket (must have a main connection for any 240v item to work as standard.) 
Optional upgrades are:
      • 240v Inverter for off grid wild camping.
      • External 240v & LPG heating system to keep you toasty at night.
      • LPG Gas locker systems as standard.
Optional upgrades are:
      • LPG Vapor tank

The overall camper van finish

  • This includes:-
    • All additional windows needed to be added with a driver-side access panel. Plus Motorcaravan graphics to complete the Mamble exterior.
    • The interior of your camper will be soundproofed and insulated.
    • Fully lined with a new floor to the colourway of your choice, please click below the 'Mamble' upgrades button to get creative.


    Want to make your camper conversion have a little more comfort and style, then Click Here for options.

    Travelling Passengers DVLA information

    DVLA advises that passengers are safest in a forward or rearward facing seat equipped with a lap belt or, preferably, a three-point belt.Although side-facing seats, with or without seatbelts, are not illegal, we would not advise that they are used. This is because seatbelts are not designed to be used with such seats. In the event of an accident, seatbelts on these side facing seats may help to prevent the wearer from being thrown around the vehicle or from being ejected, but in a frontal crash, they can increase injury risk by subjecting vulnerable parts of the body to higher loads than seatbelts used on forward-facing seats. You should also bear in mind that child restraints cannot be fitted to side-facing seats. In order to fit the required child restraints, you would need to have forward or rearward facing seats with full three-point seatbelts.DVLA's Website link

    All converted vans will be cleaned inside and out to a good workshop standard. But why not have the Showroom Experience Click Here

    If you wish to keep anything that we remove from your van please let us know at the time of ordering.
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