WURTH German Alloy Wheel Black Paint Kit

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This kit has enough to do four complete wheels as recommended by Würth

The kit comprises of......

1 x 400ml alloy wheel silver 

1 x 400ml high gloss clear lacquer

Wurth Satin Black Wheel Lacquer is a fast-drying lacquer that covers the standard alloy wheel paint used by Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi and most other European manufacturers to a modern black look.

Wurth Satin Black Wheel Lacquer can be effectively used for spot repairs or full wheel restoration.

The German design nozzle produces a fine, even spray that is easy to control and produces a near-factory finish.

Wurth Satin Black Wheel Lacquer dries quickly and is chip resistant.

Use several very light coats and allow 30 minutes drying time between coats.