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VRS Intelligent Split Charge Relay 12v 140amp

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VSR split charge relay are ideal for dual battery set‐ups as they enable two batteries to be charged at the same time and then isolates the batteries from each other when the vehicle is turned off, ensuring your starting battery is always charged & ready to go. 12V, 140A rated voltage sensitive relay for split charging applications allows charge to flow into one battery (or bank of batteries) only when a charging voltage is detected at the other battery (dual sensing operation).

Dual Sense feature: VSR split charge relay turns ON (close circuit) when EITHER Main Battery Voltage OR Auxiliary Battery Voltage is higher than 13.3V. An LED indicates when the relay is ON (contacts closed). Fixing holes in the body allows the unit to be mounted to a bulkhead and body cut-outs offer various cable routing options.

Fully encapsulated electronics make this unit splashproof and particularly suitable for harsh environments (marine use, vehicle engine bays etc.)

Note: The benefit of this type of relay is that it does not require a connection to the alternator or any modifications to the existing vehicle electrical system. 
Simply connect the +ve terminals on each of your batteries to the terminals on the relay and the black relay wire to a common -ve point.

‐ Designed for dual battery systems
‐ Suitable for most 12V charging systems
‐ Surge protection
‐ Easy to install
‐ Automatically sensing voltage level of main battery ‐ Continuous Current: 140A
‐ Cut In Voltage: 13.3V
‐ Cut Out Voltage: 12.7V
‐ Turn ON / OFF delay 5s
‐ Dual Battery Sensing


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