Stargaze Rear Opening Pop Top Roof Volkswagen Transporter 2003 - CURRENT VW T6 & VW T5

  • £2,799.00

Our Volkswagen Transporter 2003 - CURRENT VW T6 & VW T5 Pop Top Elevating Roof is manufactured by CCCAMPERS in Great Britain to the highest standards to ensure maximum safety and protection.

The Stargaze canvas is made from waterproof top quality canvas double seamed for strength and water resistance, not the standard tenting canvas as is used by most. We use aluminium trim profiles with powder coated black radius corners to stop the wear and tear that other pop top roof makes create. 

The Stargaze canvas enables you to unzip and fold the whole front up out of the way, giving you the fresh air flow and scenic breathtaking views you may find in this beautiful world. The stargaze canvas also comes with a clear window on the front and closing mesh fly screen on both sides. We have inserted a small mesh vent at the rear of the canvas for ventilation no matter which way the wind blows, this will stop condensation from happening.

Our strengthening frames are CNC laser cut and then bent to shape on CNC Pressbrakes. These are bonded and fixed into place to replace the rigidity and strength that the removal of a large section of the roof will take away from the van.

  • Marine Grade all weather Material roof Tent
  • Clear Front zip out window with velcro cover
  • Mesh side vents with velcro covers
  • Powder coated scissor hinges
  • Heat resistant Resin
  • Honeycomb Plastic core
  • Hydraulic struts
  • Aluminium trim profile with powder coated black radius corners
  • CNC lasered & press braked framework
  • Front fibreglass spoiler

Add a Bi-folding self-elevating bed 

It folds up and out of the way when using the inside of the camper. Then when night time comes pull it down for extra sleeping.

Even if you haven't got any extra folk to sleep in the van with you. people don't believe how much noise is cut out from outside by having it down.

The mattress is covered in grey waterproof canvas this stops the nightmare that spilt drinks create at night. No one wants to sleep in a wet bed. but more importantly, you wouldn't want anything dripping on you in the middle of the night either. Plus the mattress is great for using outside for picnics too.

Everything is priced to be fitted on to a bare van! If your van is partially converted please inquire for how much extra this will cost. if you don't inform us prior to bringing the van in for work. You will automatically incur an extra charge. We do not accept responsibility for any modifications or aftermarket parts fitted to your van, as all of our parts are designed to fit factory build specs only.

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