Sargent PF200 200w leisure battery charger/converter Supercharge 151 replacement/upgrade

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The PF200 is a 200W battery charger/converter that unit that is used in most standard Camper, Motorhome & caravan conversions.

The PF200 is a 2 stage battery charger/power converter providing 13.8V DC and 13.9A (192 Watts).

It is designed to work with lead-acid batteries and is also compatible with the latest AGM batteries and many lithium batteries with built-in battery management systems with an input voltage of 13.8V, (please refer to the battery manufacturer documentation for compatibility). The PF200 has built-in protection for short circuit, reverse polarity and over-temperature.

The 230V AC input lead is supplied with 2 x insulated 6.3mm blade terminals and the DC output lead has stripped and prepared ends.

Please refer to the PF200 user instructions for further information.