Whale Heat Air Underfloor Space Heater 6kw LPG Gas & Electric Blown Air Heater Fully Fitted in a CCCAMPERS CONVERSION

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Don't wake up in the night and have to turn the gas hobs on to warm up.

That’s all about to change, as it is time to install a cost-effective LPG GAS & ELECTRIC heater.

Whale Heat Air 6GTE 6KW

The Whale Heat Air 6GTE 6KW Heater is a heat source that functions completely independent of the engine.

Fueled by your onboard gas system, this Propex Heater is an automatic blown air heating system that is a clean and efficient method for heating your CCCAMPERS camper van or car. it uses a dependable thermostat to measure room temperature and automatically ignites and heats the living space should it drop below the selected temperature (switching off when the optimal temperature is achieved).

This provides a source of heat from your 240v hook up as well.

A clean and efficient method of heating your vehicle

The Whale Heat Air 6GTE 6KW Space Heater is a powerful and lightweight gas and electric heater designed for CCCAMPERS campervans. The heater is installed underfloor, so valuable onboard space is not lost.