Outdoor Revolution Driveaway Awning Kit Ideal for fixing all awnings to a wind-out awning, gutters and fixed awning rails

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Easily attach your driveaway awning to your campervan or motorhome with this Driveaway Awning Kit. 

The Outdoor Revolution's 'Drive-Away Kit' has been specifically created to aid the drive-away process on a drive-away awning, to make your holiday easier.

There has always been a lot of confusion involving driveaway kits. One side is 6mm, but for many people, it's difficult to work out if they need a 6mm or a 4mm bead to connect to their vehicle or the wind-out awning. This product has both options.

A 6mm bead on one side to fit into the figure of 8 and on the other side a 6mm (to fit most awning rails) and a 4mm (to fit most wind-out awnings) bead.

If your vehicle has an extra wide channel, you can use both together for a snug fit.

        • Includes 3 x Figure Of 8 Tracks
        • Includes a 2.2m strip of 6mm x 6mm+4mm Kador
        • Aids The Drive Away Process

        Each drive-away kit comes complete with the grey strip and four figure of 8 tracks. 

        This drive-away kit is easy to use and makes driving away a lot faster! 

        For extra tips on securing your drive away awning to your vehicle please click on the vide tab below where you will see 2 videos, one showing connection to a vehicle "C" Channel/Rail and the other showing connection to a Fiamma/Omnistor type windout awning.

        ORDA0006 3m Universal Twin 6mm-6mm & 4mm Beading: 5060542056625 (includes carry bag)