Outdoor Revolution 2020 T2 Driveaway Awning Coordinating Canopy Retro Connector

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The Coordinating Canopy Retro Connector is an indispensable optional extra for owners of the T2 Driveaway Awning Coordinating Canopy, permitting the direct attachment of this porch extension to your campervan, creating a large utility space, where you can comfortably relax or cook during adverse weather conditions, with complete protection against the elements; perfect for use as a temporary area for unwinding after a long evening, when you may be reluctant to immediately pitch your 2020 T2 Driveaway Awning drive away awning.

  • 250HD Double Rip-Stop. Endurance. Polyester
  • Robust Tooth Count Zip
  • WEIGHT: 0.55kg
  • SIZE: 46x7x7cm