Movelite Canopy Retro Connector by Outdoor Revolution

  • £29.99

The ‘Movelite Canopy Retro Connector’ is a game changer for owners of the ‘Movelite & Crossover Canopy’ accessory, allowing direct attachment of the canopy to your campervan or caravan in order to provide a small porch area, sheltered against the elements.

This product is perfect for loosening up and enjoying the outdoors in poorer weather conditions or after a long journey, where you are reluctant to set up your ‘Movelite’ motorhome awning right away! Created using a co-ordinating 250HD double rip-stop polyester, plus a robust tooth-comb zip to ensure longevity and functionality; this optional extra is an absolute essential for really making the most out of your holiday (to owners of the canopy)!

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