Got a unusual van or idea then a bespoke conversion is in order for you!

  • £54.00

To achieve this conversion it will be handcrafted inside and out, but must still be lively and spirited, but most importantly FUN...

So what we have to include in Bespoke conversion

Carpet line, floor, windows and curtains

  • This includes:- Two fitted standard mid windows Passengers side window and driver side access panel. Insulate and carpet line with extra detail and shape in the rear of your van. Commercial grade flooring. Rear curtains fitted (grey only) and thermos mats for front windows. The carpet colour is grey and rear floor is covered in commercial quality black vinyl

Sleeping Accommodation

  • There must be a bed with a minimum length of 6ft or 180cms
  • The bed must be an integral part of the vehicle living accommodation area
  • The bed must be permanent or converted from seats (the bed can fold away during the day)

Seats and Tables

  • There must be a seating area for diners to sit around
  • The table mounting must be secured as a permanent feature.  The table itself will be detachable.
  • Seats must be secured as a permanent fixture and be available for use at a table

Water System

  • Will have an on board water container. Note: The insurer Adrian Flux requires the water container to hold 6 gallons / 27 litres so one will be fitted to stop getting caught out.


  • The vehicle must have at least one cupboard, locker or wardrobe
  • The cupboard must be an integral part of the living accommodation area


  • The vehicle must have cooking  a fixed gas hob with 2 cooking rings
  • The cooking facilities must be a permanent fixture with the gas supply pipe and bottle permanently secured to the vehicle structure within a vented locker

So why not be brave and stand out in the world of  'campervanning'!

If you purchase this item online you will recive an email for your consultation on making your dream Camper