GasCube 3-in-1 alarm 12v hard wired no batteries

  • £59.99


The GasCube 3-in-1 alarm for mobile homes, caravans, campervans, motorhomes and boats. Provides reliable protection when travelling. It has a fixed connection direct to your 12V leisure battery and power supply. NO BATTERIES HOW COOL.

It has a pressure switch on the front to test and reset. It will be ready for operation to use after approximately 3 minutes from being connected to a 12v supply.

It has a highly sensitive sensor and 80dB loud siren that will wake the dead ;-).

Temperature-controlled sensor, which also reliably functions above 25 ° C. Pre-alarm already at dangerous concentrations of propane/butane (GPL), carbon monoxide (CO) and so-called KO gases. If the value drops in 40 seconds, the device switches to standby mode. If the concentration remains or increases, the concentration is low.

LED indicator:

  • Blue (flashing) = calibration, blue (steady light) = all correct / operational
  • Red = alarm + continuous very loud alarm sound at 80dB = Not good / fix or seek help.

GasCUBE LPG Caravan & Motorhome 12v Gas Detector features

  • Warnings for propane /butane gas leeks, carbon monoxide, CO gases
  • High sensitive sensor and wake the dead 80dB loud siren
  • power consumption in standby: 100mA
  • Power consumption with alarm: 180MA
  • Dimensions: 55.6 x 86.7 x 24 mm

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