Fiamma Rain Guard Van Kit

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Convenient Rubber Guard to seal the space between the awning and the vehicle wall to prevent water drips.

Kit Rain Guard Van is a special version for F45 and F35 awning fitted to vans where the awning is spaced out from the van wall. This kit sticks to the back of the awning box and extends backwards to cover the gap behind the awning to the van.

Kit Rain Guard Van is 300cm long and can be cut to sit around the brackets on your van.

Recommended for use with F45 and F35 awning fitted to

  • Standard roof Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Trafic & Nissan Primastar
  • VW Transporter T5 fitted with Transporter or Multivan Kit
  • Ford Transit using fitting kit Kit Van 98655-017

Not Suitable for

  • High Roof Vivaro, Trafic & Primastar
  • VW T5 California
  • VW T5 Transporter with Reimo or Brandrup kit
  • VW T3 and T4
  • Ford Transit using Kit Transit High Roof 98655-741