Fiamma F35 pro 2014 on SWB Renault Trafic Pull Out Awning Titanium

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The awning is a manual roll-out canopy awning which packs into a compact and sturdy lightweight aluminium case.

The awning consists of a large canopy fabric wrapped around an aluminium roller tube. When opened the canopy provides a lightweight sunshade or rain shelter, and when packed it all fits within a neat, compact case fitted to the van roof so there is no need to find storage space inside the van.

NV200 Awning Set Up

To set up the awning you simply open the case and unravel the roof fabric which is wrapped around the aluminium roller. Then, pull out and extend the hinged rafters and legs which are housed within the roller tube.

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Because the NV200 awning is made using only lightweight materials there is no heavy lifting or particular strength required for set up, and you can erect your van shelter in around 45 seconds.