CBE PC180 Power Management, Consumer Unit & Battery Charger for motorhome camper campervan caravan

  • £325.00

CBE PC180 Complete Kit - including wiring looms that are already manufactured with their connections for ease of installation.

The CBE PC180 is CBE’s new entry-level control panel with LED indicators. PC 180 takes all the established functionality of the LED panels and adds some interesting new features, like the twilight sensor that automatically controls the LEDs’ brightness according to the ambient light level.

Microprocessor controlled system with LED display, with the following functions: Car battery test, services battery, control lights, control water pump, control external light, batteries parallel relay, control fridge, protection fuses, car battery recharging control, save service battery function.
The system includes: PC180 control panel, 12v distribution box protection fuses, switching mode battery charger, screw probes for waste water tank (fresh probe not included), cables for control panel L=6m, 50A fuse + fuse holder for batteries (car & service)

The PC180 Kit includes:

  • LED Display Panel
  • Switch Mode Battery Charger 16 amp
  • 12v Distribution Box (and fuses)
  • Couple screws, connections and pins
  • Circuit breaker 25 amp RCD, 2 x 13 amp MCB

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