Battery Isolator / Kill Switch with Removable Actuator

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 Battery isolator switch for your Leisure Battery

By fitting a high-quality battery isolator switch into your campervan or motorhome. It will allow you to cut off the power to the battery quickly in the event of an emergency or to ensure no unexpected power draw from the battery during vehicle storage.

The removable Actuator (red switch knob) allows you to completely switch off the 12v system inside your campervan or motorhome. This allows your battery to rest at a good 12v + charge and not harm the battery cells. If a solar charging system is fitted we keep that connection to the leisure battery which also helps maintain a healthy battery for years to come.


RoHS compliant.

  • IP Rating: IPX4
  • Continuous Current : 100A
  • Intermittent Current : 150A
  • Cranking Current: 500A 
  • Termination: M6 Nut and Stud with required inline fuse